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Small shop dust control/mitigation?

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  • Small shop dust control/mitigation?

    Good Evening Everyone!

    I am looking for ideas for mitigating grinder/plasma cutting dust in a small shop. I am hobby welder, at best, and my tiny shop is only 400 sq ft. Especially in the winter, I’d like to be able to work IN my shop without the doors open. I would also like to keep dust off and out of all of my equipment. Has anyone put together a system to exhaust dust from a small shop? If so, could you share some details? I’ve tried shop fans with doors in opposite ends open, but that didn’t seem to work either. The dust seemed to just float back through the roll-up door around the fan.


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    Treat it like you would a basic dust collection system for say carpentry .....the vacuum port has to be close to the items you want to collect.....assuming none of that stuff is hot?


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      You can get a fume extractor, but that’s not going to help with the grinding dust. Problem is that dust is heavy. No matter what I’ve tried to do it just gets everywhere. I found a magnetic floor sweeper to make cleanup as easy as you can get, but that black heavy dust will be all in behind your work bench and tool boxes, so you’ll just have to shop-vac that stuff up once in a while.