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E71-T11 Prices?!

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  • E71-T11 Prices?!

    It has been a while since I had to buy a spool of flux-core (self-shielding) wire, but it seems like the price has gone nutz! I bought a 33 lbs spool of L-56 last year that’s only 40% more than what a 10 lbs spool of E71T-11 now. Why is it so expensive??

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    I’m sure it depends on where you buy it too. At my LWS it’s cheaper to buy a 33lbs roll than a 10lbs roll, for some odd reason. Probably because they buy the bigger rolls by the ship load.

    I’d shop around, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the cost went through the roof, like everything else.


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      It seems that everything with metal has gone through the roof in the last couple years. I sell specialty alloys and my cost has gone up considerably with those. The bog standard .035 flux-core that I use at home and at the hunting land cost me around $4/# 3 years ago...same roll is over $7/# now. Part of the reason I only deal with specialty stuff to sell is that my cost on the regular stuff is more than what I can buy it off of Amazon for. I don't know how the local brick and mortar folks compete with the online sales with that going on.