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Spoolmatic 30A power source options

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  • Spoolmatic 30A power source options

    A couple years ago a guy gave me a new spoolmatic gun and its been on the shelf, we have used spoolmate guns for years on millermatic 210 and 212 for welding aluminum only. I started looking over the spoolmatic gun and would like to set it up, it looks like I can buy and adapter cable (195287) to run it off from the MM212. I also have a couple syncrowave 180 and 250s that just sit around, is there a way to power the spoolmatic from 1 of these machines?We would strictly use it for welding aluminum. Thank you for any information

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    There's a way to run it off the Sync 250, though not the best performance and not cost effective. You would need a WC-115 controller that plugs into a 115V outlet and run a separate 2-conductor cable for contactor control. There would always be the risk of sending HV through the gun (not sure what it would do) and you would mig aluminum in CC only - works ok on larger wires and materials. Less duty and power, but the MM212 is probably better. The Spoolmatic is much more reliable than the 3035 or whatever you have for the MM210/212.


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      Thank you for the info jjohn76