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Trying to find a service manual

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  • Trying to find a service manual

    looking for service manual for miller bobcat 225nt model# KJ153479 stock#903517 can anyone help or find me a place to buy one ? I have low welding power and it runs good rpm is good. So I'm trying to figure out what the slip rings and all that good stuff needs to ohm @...

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    I think most people work on those with just the owner's manual:

    What voltage and frequency are you getting on the ac power plugs, with the fine adjust knob turned all the way up?


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      I've haven't checked the voltage yet it's been so long since I've looked at it the battery is now dead so I'll charge and get back to you on that one. I know the owners manual is a good place to start but, I need the actual specs on the slip rings and stuff like that. We have about 20 engine driven welders so this is not new to me. I just need the specs to know what to replace and figured I'd try here first because talking to Miller on the phone works better when you have it narrowed down. I don't like wasting their time going thru everything when I can get it narrowed down with a service manual.