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Syncrowave 350 dual torch

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  • Syncrowave 350 dual torch

    I picked up an older Machine and it has 2 torches with it. It was all unhooked when I got it.. It has a splitter valve for the gas to turn off the gas to either torch not being used. 1 torch is water cooled the other gas cooled. The gas cooled is a small A-80 type torch. My question is obviously the gas can be left hooked up but if I hook up both torches wont they to both try to arc when I used the pedal ?

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    Is it a syncrowave 350LX? How can you hook up both torches at the same time? I have the syncrowave 250DX and I have to connect my tig torch to the 14pin plug for it to work and I only have one 14pin plug on my welder so I can only use one torch at a time. how is your torches connected up? Any pictures?
    regards Martin


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      No just a 350. IT's an older model with threaded lug's in the bottom for torch and ground. Basically just stack them on the stud and tighten the nut.


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        I would imagine they’re both hot then.


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          They'd both be hot.