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Wiring a spoolgun to xmt300

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  • Wiring a spoolgun to xmt300

    Hello, I have a couple spoolguns of which I would like to run one off an XMT 300. The first one is a 4 pin spoolmatic1. I do not have a WC1. I also have an SG30 with its 24v adapter I would like to use the spoolmatic as I have somone interested in the other one. I think the spoolmatic is 35v but am curious if there is a way to run it directly from the xmt 300.

    If the spoolmatic needs 35v ac, could I run a 115 to 35v adapter on the 115 wires. Probably a dumb idea but curious why it does not work.

    Thanks for any thoughts

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    The WC-1 doesn't have much in it, if you're trying to replicate one. It's just a power supply, a contactor, and a resistor+capacitor that provides run-in speed control. You could build a functional equivalent pretty cheaply. I don't know what voltage range the gun is happy with. Note that the gun is fed rectified power, not AC (attempting to apply AC will do bad things - it has a diode that will short it), but also not clean filtered DC.


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      If you're looking to build your own, you can get an idea from the old Spoolmatic 200 machines (might be off on the machine name) that had the built-in spoolgun control. By the time you get around to starting that project, you'll probably find a control box. That's been my experience at least.