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Poorly done welds, advise please

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    4130 (chromoly) is welded with 70S2 filler most of the time...this wire is available for both MIG and TIG.
    MIG is a stronger joint but doesn't have the same repor as "TIG".
    If you need a definitive answer you need to find someone that inspects these types of chassis or even certifies them.
    Pictures on a welding forum aren't the answers your son needs when he's cartwheeling at speed.


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      Sorry I'm a little late to this discussion.....But on the subject of 4130 tubing and 309 ss rod it has been used successfully by many chassis builders and from the metallurgy reports I've seen with good reason as the key word I've seen is greater "Ductility " in the weld zone joint when other factors like back purging or normalizing is not commonly used ......I for one like it as you don't see the normal cracks you might see after using the chassis for extended fact my race car was built using 309 pursuant to SFI specs....and not a crack in it after hundreds of runs.....But again I'm not saying anyone should use the product either as a sound , safe chassis must first start with a well engineered design , tight fitting clean joints , the right products and someone capable behind the torch and pedal. Click image for larger version

Name:	40chasis.jpg
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Name:	racecar2.jpg
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Name:	1995CHRR_Terry Rose.jpg
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        That second chassis is certainly far superior to the first one you showed us. Doesn’t look cheap either.


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          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
          That second chassis is certainly far superior to the first one you showed us. Doesn’t look cheap either.
          Not sure Ryan what other chassis were you referring too? Was it a 2x4 Off Road Rectangular chassis?


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            The first photo I looked at, photo Blogs upper right corner, the weld missed the tube and left a gap.
            The second frame looks way better.

            Good luck,

            Photo number 3, not blogs.
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              Tarry, the first set of pictures the OP put up the welds didn’t look near as good as the second chassis pictures.