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Airco msm250 ac/dc

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  • Airco msm250 ac/dc

    Hello fellas, just picked up this old airco machine. Thought it would be a good one for people who stop by to use. Anyhow I never used this style of pins that connect to the machine,seems like they must have a slight taper or at least the sockets might. But they don’t go the whole way in I want to say you might be able to see a 1/4” of the pin when it’s tight is this normal? Anyway it’s been fun cleaning it up and going over it. I can’t get over how heavy it is for such a small box it has to weigh a couple hundred pounds. Thanks for any insight
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    yes that is normal the plug and the recp. are tapered.


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      Ok so about 3/8” of the stud will not go in? I was thinking it would almost go up to the insulation on the handle. So this is perfectly normal?


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        It allows for the pin and/or socket to wear some and still go in until tight.