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HOBART BETAMIG 200 torch liner

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  • HOBART BETAMIG 200 torch liner

    I'm looking for a torch liner for a HOBART BETA MIG 200

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    Try usaweld dot com. I’ll try to post the link but the last time I did that it flagged it as spam.

    The liner is at the bottom of the page.


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      Thanks for the url.
      I had picked up a liner which I thought would solve my problem. It didn't.
      I have a Hobart betamig 200 welder (One of the very first Hobart sold as a single phase welder, which I bought at the Ohio factory when the first one came in from field demo) which has been performing worse and worse over the past few years. Granted, I’m a hobby welder and I don’t use the welder all that often.
      Problem that I’ve been having is that the wire (now using .024, tho I also use .035) burns off and sticks to the tip, no matter what the current/voltage settings are (Argon-CO2, 15 CFH). The tip is a quarter of an inch back in the nozzle. I’ve been fighting this problem for a long time.
      What I recently noticed is that the outer rubber hose on the stinger is cracked just behind the torch. I’m assuming the gas flows in this rubber outer covering. The crack runs about halfway around where it goes into the torch, probably leaking the shielding gas out of the stinger?
      Could this be causing my problem?​