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Where can i find steps to re-seat this connection?

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  • Where can i find steps to re-seat this connection?

    I have the multimatic 200 and just recently noticed that the power cord end looks like this:

    And i can remove the 3 prong end to switch over to the 240 connector, but how do i undo the end so that i can reseat the cables? Click image for larger version

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    Either there's two screws down the holes in the side, or you wrap it in a bunch of electrical tape...


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      Man i guess my eyes are really bad, when i looked in those holes, i didnt see screws, but ill try again and see, if thats it then man that was a little embarrassing


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        That plug cant be pulled apart this is a common problem with them. What i do is put super glue on the outside insulation and have someone hold the other end then you grip the cable pulling to the plug this will move the outside insulation back in to the plug.


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          worth a try, ill be back outside this weekend, so ill give that a try as well.. just dont want to end up having the wire come out and then make my welder useless.


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            I do it often on the maxstar 161 when they come in for repair never had an issue with a customer