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    I picked this machine up from a guy last fall. He was a welder at a dam and says he burnt out the original outlets to the leads so he replaced them with Tweco type sized for 4/0 cables. That's just on the DC side. The AC side still has the factory original outlets. Would anyone know what size they might be? I didn't get cables with the welder, but I found some good 4/0 leads that I've set them up and I'm thinking there must be some sort of adapter, or I could make one, to run the AC side with the 4/0 cables. Thanks!

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    I would assume you're using the standard tweco 2MPC/4MPC connectors, in which case you'd want a pair of (available much cheaper elsewhere, google 212-TSF - I just linked to them because they had an actual description, unlike most sites).

    Actual 4/0 cable is totally overkill for an AEAD-200LE unless you need a mile long run or so, so don't spend a lot of money on wire unless you need the length.


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      Thanks, I was just matching up to what he had set it up for. Found a good deal on cables, so went that route. Larger cable is a harder sell locally.

      So the male end I'd be looking for would be a Tweco no 2?
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        Both the 2 and the 4 sizes are compatible, with the 4 size being for 4/0 wire.


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