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  • Screen names?

    This evening talking with my wife she asked how the screen names are created. So I'll start my name is Paul my wife is Judie and I started with our initials and last name, hence pjseaman.

    This ought to be good,

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    I live in Southern California ... drive a 97 Trans AM.. SoCalTA
    MM210 w/3035
    Next up - Sync 200


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      Dang does mine seem dull....

      Mac's the name, 702 is my area code at the home base. I use it here because it used to be my E-mail address when I had spAmOL.


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        My name is Andy and I didn't have a choice in my screen name


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          Mine was an easy one for me. I drive a dump truck when I'm not doing something else...I wear many hats. On of the pits I go to alot has an ID system that puts a three letter abbreviation of the company name along with the truck number. My company name is DDA Contracting and my truck number is 52....therefore DDA52. It was kinda easy for me since I have to identify myself that way almost every week.

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          '06 12RC feeder
          Super S-32P feeder

          HH210 & DP3035 spool gun
          Esab Multimaster 260
          Esab Heliarc 252 AC/DC


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            Tailshaft comes from flying model helicopters and 56 is the year I was born, hence tailshaft56.


            Thermal Arc 185-TSW
            Millermatic Challenger 172
            Atlas Craftsman 12 by 24 Lathe
            Esab PCM-875
            Wholesale Tool Mill-Drill


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              The question reminds me of a story.......The youngest of three indian children approaches his father who was the chief and asks, Father, how were our names chosen??

              The great wise chief tells his son, I look to the great spirit for guidance. When your brother, Soaring-Eagle was born, I left the teepee and behold, a great soaring eagle over head......This was a sign from the great spirit.

              On the morning of your sisters birth, I left the teepee and behold, a beautiful doe running across the the name Running-Doe was chosen.

              But tell me, Mangy-Dog-Eating-Vomit, Why do you wish to know?????


              Not to dog the great chiefs method, But personally, I just used my own


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                This is what I spend most of my time doing when I work with metal, so it seemed appropriate to identify by self as a tool as well. Actually, I did have a plan to use a different name, but this was the first thing that popped into my head. Come to think of it, we would all like to spend less time grinding (noise, and dust), that's why there are plasma cutters, band saws, cold saws, mills and lathes, else it would be O/A torches abbrasive chop saws and the dreaded sawzall. Grinding a must after some of these operations.


                PS: Can someone turn down the heater, was 106 today just south of San Jose CA where I am.


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                  aametalmaster, derived from Metal Master Fab. i tried to get metalmaster years ago on ebay but it was taken so i added aa. I use aametalmaster for my Yahoo groups also...Bob
                  Bob Wright


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                    This is lame but.....

                    A contraction of the greek knickname for my real name. It's what everyone calls me since i was born. Yes it is quite awkward
                    Dynasty 200 DX
                    Millermatic 175
                    Spectrum 375
                    All kinds of Smith OA gear


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                      Mine came from a charactor created by a favorite author, Robert A Heinlein in his novel "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress". He, Manny (Heinlein spelled it "Mannie") was a jack of all trades glorified mechanic, something I aspire to. I picked it after all the easy permutations of my name and initials seemed to be taken on forums and as a log in on different ISP's. So far it's been a lucky choice for me as it's been available on all the forums I've wanted to participate in. Here's hoping the luck continues.


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                        Wheat is short for Wheat Stalker...Another hobby I have is metal detecting. I hunt in old areas and try to find old coins. One of the most common old coin I find is the Wheat Stalk penny. Good question...I was curious on what some screen names meant...
                        Wheat Stalker

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                          Hey Guys,
                          This is a great post. Lots a fun. Sorry no great stories here. My name just started because I have American Bulldogs.
                          See ya,
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                          Joker BWE
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                          2 star & stripe xlix's

                          REAL TRUCKS RATTLE
                          CUMMINS BABY


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                            My last name is Copeland, and some people call me Cope, so I used cope. I use my full name on several other forums, but for soem reason, I used cope here and at Hobart.


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                              When I was a kid on my first tour in Germany with the UASFSS I was housed on a Army missile base on a hill above a small town. Since the Army troups had bedcheck and I didn't, I would let them get the town girls drunk and while I was walking down to the town at sunset, they had to come back to make bedcheck. Believe me there were lots of battles fought on that hill, anyways since I was going downtown most every night the Army guys started calling me Sundown and it stuck.
                              Regards, George

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