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Big Blue 400 RPM/voltage drop

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  • Big Blue 400 RPM/voltage drop

    Hello. I recently purchased a factory reconditioned 2019 Big Blue 400 with the CAT engine. It has about 400 hours on it and came to me looking brand new inside and out. It didn't want to start when I first got it set up, so I put a meter on the battery and it needed a charge. After I charged it some, it started right up and welds beautiful. The only thing that seems amiss (maybe?) is that while it idles, the engine RPMs seem to drop a bit and the voltage indicator on the front panel will drop a bit. It comes right back and doesn't stall or anything, and it doesn't seem to effect the way it welds. The voltage at idle i believe is hovering around 63-65 and when it "drops" it will go down to 61-62 range.

    I had a 2019 Pipe Pro with the Mitsubishi in it before this one, and I don't recall it ever doing this. Is something wrong with my new machine or is this a normal condition for the CAT powered units? I have a one year Miller warranty on it--is this something that i should have looked at?