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  • Spectrum 1000 Torch

    I have a Spectrum1000 with an ICE-80TM on a burn table. I would like to find a handheld torch to use on it. Will any torches besides the ICE-80T work on this machine? I see the 80T’s are getting hard to find. I see the 60T looks similar (obviously lower current capacity) but will they connect? Are there any newer torches that would work?

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Thermal Dynamics has the universal torches - SL60 and SL100, and sell adapters for Spectrum 1000s. I set up an SL60 on a Spectrum 2050, which worked better than the original one. I am pretty sure Plasmadyn makes a retrofit torch for the Spectrum 1000 that uses Hypertherm Duramax components, but have never used one.


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      Thanks for the info jjohn76. I can’t see where Thermal Dynamics has the correct adapter for my spectrum 1000. I’m guessing there are different versions of the 1000. Mine has the air and power all built into one connector. Do you have any idea if the ICE-60T would work with my 1000?