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TB302 and HF251 limited AC output

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  • TB302 and HF251 limited AC output

    Trying to use a new to me HF251-D with my trailblazer 302 to tig some aluminum but I cant seem to get it hot enough. When I have the amperage all the way up to max (228A on display) and then weld while someone watches the display, even with pedal to the floor I only get 140-150 amps slowly surging on the readout. I have shortened the leads to the HF box, pins C to D on the TB and on the box output are 10V, C to E is 9.04V on both. Anybody know what direction I should go in?

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    Welded a bit more with it today, got up to 170 once. Tried to run lift start through the HF box to eliminate the pedal as the problem and couldn't get an arc started.


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      You can switch the TB to front panel controls if you want to eliminate the foot pedal and wiring - the foot pedal will still work the HF.