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Bobcat 250 won’t put out

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  • Bobcat 250 won’t put out

    I have a Miller Bobcat 250 ser#MB150005H, no power no where, I’m not getting any ac on white wires coming out of generator. New brushes, new pot, f1 & 2 good, SR 2 & 3 check good, when I check voltage @ + brush it looks like 12 volts. 1 of the 115 rec is tripped and won’t reset. I love this forum but this is my 1st post. Help would be much appreciated.

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    Try buying it dinner first?

    Do you only have no AC power output, or also no weld output?
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      Good one, I took it to McCullough Electric in Atlanta and my field winding was bad and is unavailable even tho machine is only 11 years old and low hours seems like I fixable.


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        A motor repair shop may be able to rebuild it for a reasonable cost.


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          You can definitely have it rebuilt. You probably have some place closer, but eurton electric out in California does them. I sent them an armature for a saw to be rewound a few years ago. Not a lot of options when the parts are not available, which kind of sucks, but what are ya gonna do? Let us know how it goes.