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Anyone know where I can find a QD for old Plasma Cutter?

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  • Anyone know where I can find a QD for old Plasma Cutter?

    Does anyone know where I can find the plasma torch quick disconnect for an older Miller or Hypertherm Plasma Cutter? The models below use the same quick disconnect.

    Hypertherm MAX 40/70/80/100 And HT40
    Miller Spectrum 700/1000/1250 And Plus Plasma Cutter
    Here's the attachment on my machine.

    Click image for larger version

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    Thank you,

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    This looks like the a modern torch that fits it, an ICE-80CX:

    This catalog:
    and this manual:
    say the connector is a 218177, which is available at least one place:
    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PLUG ASM QUICK DISC ICE 80 218177 Miller Welding at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

    ... so that should be easy, right? But nope! If you look up that part number, there's a possibility it was also used for the newer-style ICE-80T connector, at least according to the Spectrum 1000 manual. And the parts manual might have the numbers backwards, since the pictures seem to show a 218177 being "both plastic halves and nut", with a 190497 being the complete connector. And the diagram on the next page is numbered completely wrong, obviously was never proof-read, and is entirely useless.
    This catalog:

    and this manual:
    lists 190497 as being the complete connector, contradicting the other two!
    So what will you get if you buy that ebay listing? The right connector? The wrong connector? Just the plastic housing? I definitely wouldn't buy it without contacting them.

    This might be one to call Miller about, and speak to someone who has actually replaced at least one connector, and can resolve the ambiguity/contradiction between their various manuals.

    Or hardwire the torch.

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      Thanks Bushy. Between calls to Hypertherm and Miller, I couldn't find the right QD.


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        I'm not sure how much I helped... That ebay listing may or may not be for the connector. This is the first time I've ran into such bad contradictions in miller's documentation. And that's assuming I've even found the right parts at all - does the picture on the weldfabulous link look like it fits your machine?

        Since they seem to still sell the complete torch, someone has to be making the connectors still... You'd think a call to miller could get you one.


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          I found a couple picture, one referenced the odd looking connector that had the air line separate from the controls. Yeah, Miller and Hypertherm couldn't get me to a new QD... I'll keep combing eBay for something reasonable.


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            What about grabbing a connector from a newer machine and retrofitting it with the new torch?


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              I actually have one of those universal connectors. They're metric, so it will be a bit of fun if I go that route. The biggest thing is I don't want to modify the torch I have in case I end up selling it. This is all for a 460V Hypertherm Max 70 that I'm building a PFC front end to run off 240V. If it doesn't work, I'm out about $100 in the cost of the Max 70 and eBay parts for the PFC, depending on what I can salvage. The cost of the torch adds a lot of risk if I need to modify it.


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                Hrmm, I guess I don't understand your project. If you have a machine with that connector, and you have a torch you're not modifying, which end are you looking for? lol

                I have two plasma cutters I need to work on... a miller spectrum 2050 and a hypertherm powermax 900. Too many projects, too little time...

                I don't suppose you have a machine torch compatible with one of those machines somewhere in your "parts I want to give away cheap to people on the welding forum" pile?


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                  I have a Thermal Dynamics SL60 "One Torch" without any connector, and am looking to put the QD on it to work with the Max 70, which has the QD receptacle and a huge hole. I was looking to keep from hacking components to get them to fit.

                  Haven't worked on a Powermax, but definitely have some time in the 2050s. Great thing about the 2050 is the available board schematics. What's wrong with yours? I built one with a SL60 torch and the QD is readily available for that (I think both those machines use the same connector actually).


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                    The obvious solution would be to just hardwire the torch, of course.

                    I don't know what, if anything, is wrong with either machine. I got them "untested" (which often really means they know it's toasted, but not always), and haven't even had the time to put power cords on them.


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                      Do you have the 2050 TM?


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                        Nope. I haven't really looked... my day job has been keeping me busy and exhausted lately.