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miller pipepro Kubota D905 engine

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  • miller pipepro Kubota D905 engine

    I had the O-rings replace in my injection pump. But the rpm want stay down. when the engine is cold it is ok for a few little while but the rpm start going up. Has Anyone know what is going on? Thanks for any help

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    There are a lot of things that could be causing problems with engine RPM both on the control side as well as the engine/ fuel system side. I'm afraid your description is far to vague.


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      The machine was running fine, but I had a small leak at the top of the injector pump. It would quit leaking after the engine warmed up, but I needed to get it fixed, so I took it to a reputable mechanic shop and when I got it back it was doing what I told you about the RPMs. I disconnected the solenoid and set the high and low side to the right RPM and as I said before, it runs right as long as it is cold, but when it warms up the RPMs go higher by themselves. Thanks for answering me and hope you can help me.


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        I've seen this on other Kubota engines not a D905, but it sounds like 1 or more of the delivery valves is adjusted incorrectly. I'd take it back to the mechanic who repaired it and have them look up the procedure for base tuning each delivery valve and start there


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          Thanks will let you know how it turn out.