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Lincoln Arcspecs or Miller Auto-Mask welding goggles?

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  • ryanjones2150
    I haven’t used either one, but anything “goggle” fogs up for me. That includes safety glasses in most instances. I have a save phace brand hood that is lower profile than any of my other hoods, including the Miller, that I use in tight spots. I don’t recall if I’ve ever tried wearing a respirator under it though, you might have to hold your breath.

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  • DougM

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  • Lincoln Arcspecs or Miller Auto-Mask welding goggles?

    Does anyone here have experience with Lincoln Arcspecs and/or Miller Auto-Mask welding goggles?
    I've searched everywhere for reviews of these welding masks/goggles, and no one has yet provided any relevant words regarding the performance of these two masks.
    Lately, I've been tig welding in some tight areas where my Miller Digital Elite is really pissing me off and bumping into obstacles, not to mention that the Miller LPR-100 respirator doesn't fit well under the Miller helmet, especially when welding in confined spaces (Perhaps my head is too bulbous?).
    Do these masks allow a small respirator under their shields?

    I'm kinda leaning toward the Lincoln model, mostly because it has the clearer 4c technology, and Miller seems to only have the older green-tint auto-dark tech. Both companies give extremely poor and incomplete descriptions of their products!

    I'm not sold on the all the fabric hoods that come with the masks -- looks like it would be quite hot in the warmer seasons.

    Thanks for your responses.