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Miller Dimension 1000 issues

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  • Miller Dimension 1000 issues

    I need some advice on how to efficiently setup my Dimension 1000 3 phase unit when i only have single phase available in my shop?

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    Dave, that's a three-phase SCR phase-control machine, which means it will be very difficult to run without a rotary phase converter, and it will take some experimenting to work well that way. It's best to search rotary phase converter for three phase welders on practical machinist. More experience with that over there.

    You may come across a Haas-Kamp conversion, but I would not recommend trying it with your machine. I have performed a Haas-Kamp conversion on older three phase welders with the cranks/brushes (Thermal Arc had some old single/three phase plasma cutters that worked the same way, but they only worked at one amperage), but people who have tried it with the SCR phase-control based three phase machines couldn't get the welder's to operate over a large operating range.

    Hope this helps,