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    There are lincoln 455’s all over the place and some are very cheap. And they will run on single phase i hear. Anyone running one? Can you share some thoughts on the perfomance on single phase?

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    I almost picked one up about a year an a half ago. There was a thread somewhere on a guy experimenting with one. The auxiliary power supply on those wasn't good. If I remember right, the guy decided to keep it on three phase.

    I didn't run any beads with the one I almost bought, but did get it to power up and show full OCV from single phase. It depends on what you want to do and what comes with it and how cheap it is. The seller ended up finding someone needing a three phase machine.

    They're only compatible with the PF-10 feeder, which means no integrated push-pull gun or spool gun. You can add a Binzel/TBI/Tweco push pull gun with it's own controller, but it requires connecting the separate controller to the PF-10 solenoid leads. I'll put it to you this way - I had a 355/PF-10 unit before and ultimately decided it was cheaper/better to swap a PF-10M for the PF-10 + ~$200, plus buy the ~$600 355M control board for the 355 rather than try to get the 355/PF-10 to run aluminum. The 455 has fewer options than the 355. Also, I can't remember which functions were and were not available, but do remember is was limited in what pulsed mig (wire sizes if I remember right) options it could run and the pre/start/crater/post settings. And everything for those machines (feeders, remote cables, drive rolls, any missing parts) is expensive. I sold the 355M/10M and found a Powermig 300 that needed rebuilding instead. I still have the dummy push-pull guns from that experiment and will probably give them away some day...

    Probably should have started with this, but only buy if it's complete (feeder, cables, drive rolls, etc) and running, you're looking to run it for steel or thick aluminum, you have room enough for a refrigerator-sized machine, and it's much cheaper than any 250 class machine around, if you need that much power.

    Hope this helps,


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      I found that thread. When I was looking at the 455/PF-10, I did contact Will, who said if he could find another one cheap, he would definitely buy it. Keep in mind, he ran a 455M/PF-10M, which is a huge upgrade from the 455/PF-10. If you find a 455M/PF-10M cheap and working, I would go for it.

      His 455M/10M died about a year later, power supply went and took out other boards (found my email conversation with him). Those did have an auxiliary power supply that tended to go - the power waves and power migs at the time 300/350 had them as well - I replaced the same power supply (component S-3632) in my PM300 with the newer one (S-5632) from ~$450 peace of mind. Did I mention Lincolns are expensive?


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        Maybe I am off here but if I had the in power and needed the horsepower these old machines at a bargain price would be worth some risk. I would get one, might find another and treat it like an old Cadillac, drive it while it works but soon as it craps and engine or trans its off to the scrapper or salvage anything for the next one.


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          Guy I knew bought a whole bunch of stuff from a factory and maybe some ole welding school they wanted to clear out. Seems it was about 10 or 12 machines and a bunch of lead for under a couple grand and piled it on a trailer, did a big outage with them, put them in elevators, left a couple on a job they worked on regular.