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    I have a Shopmaster 300 and I bought a spoolmatic 30A to attempt welding Aluminium with a spoolgun. The remote connector is smaller in the one on the Shopmaster. I was told at Airgas that I would have to o purchase and expensive unit to further my endeavor. One of my questions is, can I not simply purchase a 14 pin connector and wire it up without having to spend more money? Next, the person I purchased the spoolgun from just gave me (nice gentleman) a Miller WC-115A weld control unit, also with a smaller connector with just two pins? If I can not wire the spoolgun as I said earlier, is this what I need in order to marry it all together other then the connector. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Last question, my friend has a Miller sidekick min. If What have will not work, would it work on his Sidekick? Reason for asking is that he is looking for a spoolgun and would be nice to recoup my money and sell to him. At any rate, thanjjs for taking the time to read this long post.

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    You can't directly connect the Spoolmatic 30 to the shopmaster, and I would recommend against changing plugs. Does the WC-115A not have a remote socket that connects to your Spoolmatic 30 plug? Those two should plug right

    It depends on what output voltages you have on the shopmaster remote receptacle, but there are ways around it if the shopmaster doesn't have a 115V circuit (you can check by measuring the AC voltage between pins I and K on the remote socket). I am


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      My last message was cut off. With those three, you have all of the components you need, it sounds like you may not have all of the connectors you need. Can you post a picture of the connectors and cables on the WC-115?