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Miller passport owner inflicted issue

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  • Miller passport owner inflicted issue

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    So.... I hate to admit this, as the idiot owner, but I f ed up my passport.

    Here's what I did.

    Drilled thru case, to remove a bolt whos head had snapped off. Not using my brain, when I broke thru the backside I kind of dimpled the pc1. The main control board. Now the welder is running the feed motor at full speed when trigger is pulled. The Ipm knob does nothing at all. If I hold trigger for more than a second the motor starts smoking. I really need this machine and I'm going to fix the board myself. If you guys/gals can think of anything I can test i have a DMM and can use it. I'll grab some pics of the results of my work lmao. Thanks guys.
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    It's hard to tell from the picture, but looks like where you dimpled the board you may have moved some of the copper around so it shorts the two traces together. Check continuity between the soldered lead and the large copper trace/pad in the dimpled section. If that is shorted, you may have burned out another component. Also, it looks like you removed the heatsink on those diodes - was there a reason? Check across the two legs.on each diode to see if any were shorted.


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      Yes, on the heat sink remove, I wanted to see what was on backside of dimple. I'll run those checks, thank you so much Sir!


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        Ok, luckily no continuity between copper and diodes. All diodes check out at 382 one way OL the other way. Do I need to remove them from the board to check them? Thank you so much John.


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          Actually, there is continuity between copper and one of the diodes legs. Sorry about that. Its the diode below the drill impact