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  • 12vs suitcase

    I recently got a 12vs extreme suitcase wire feeder, seemed to work pretty good the first day. But I went to go turn it on for the second time and there’s just nothing!!! I won’t turn on at all. Anybody have any ideas as to why? Or where you can actually get parts from to fix these?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Does the power switch feel the same as it did the day before? It sounds like you don't have the experience to be going under the covers of a machine that's plugged in, and tracing where the power is going.


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      The electronics on those are potted (encased in epoxy), so it very tough to fix. It has been a while since I went through one, but was there a polarity switch on the panel? If you do open it up, it's not reallly necessary to probe anything. You'l know pretty quick if you need a new board or not - there is a small capacitor (small metal can about 1/2" in diameter) that is sticki ng out of the epoxy that I have seen go (you'll see the top loom liked it popped open). If that looks ok, when you have it connected to your welder (confirm you have voltage from your welder with a voltmeter on the leads) and powered, you will see a series of LEDs on the board. The manual gives you a little of troubleshooting help based on how the LEDs light up.
      Hope this helps,


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        So I did have it apart and I am had read that the 12 bolt selenoid sometimes goes, it’s fine though. I did notice and was disappointed that the board is encased in epoxy, probably because it’s designed to be in all types of outdoor weather. Voltage is good coming out of the welding machine. Not one led comes on, I was thinking the power switch maybe too, but it also test fine. I’m stumped to be honest.


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          So I brought the suitcase to a local repair shop, they said that it worked fine. The power source works fine to stick weld with still, anyone know why it won’t power up the suitcase??


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            You're leaving out all the information we would need. What power source? You weren't able to bring that to the repair shop so they could see everything interact? Was it a Miller repair center?


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              Those are normally powered at 25 volts? from a direct source.....I use my BobCat with my suitcase feeders.