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Want to buy mig push pull setup.

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  • Want to buy mig push pull setup.

    Does anyone have an older push/pull setup they would be willing to sell? Or know of a place I might be able to find one? I am located in Victoria BC, Canada.

    thanks in advance

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    Man, I just moved from Tacoma.... Are you looking for a separate feeder or something that works directly with your current machine? If you keep your eyes peeled on the various classifieds, you should find one pretty soon - the boat industry has a ton of them up there. I have a few of the binzel push-pulls (air cooled and water cooled) with an older "dumb controller" for a Lincoln if you're willing to pay shipping.


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      I have a millermatic 251 power source, not sure if one of your guns would work for it? My dad is driving back from California to Victoria so he could probably pick it up.


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        I would have to look in the Millermatic 251 to see if it works directly or if I would need to change out a relay. Sorry for the confusion, but I moved from Tacoma to New Mexico about six months ago, otherwise I would let the wife convince me for a little vacation in Victoria and run it up there (border open now?). We would need to ship it nowadays. The binzel controllers trigger off the gas solenoid and need a separate 115V power.