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Help! How do I ensure my welds are plumb,square,level?

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  • Help! How do I ensure my welds are plumb,square,level?

    I’ve only recently gotten into welding but I’ve started selling these shelves. However my problem is ensuring the support pieces for the wood are plumb when I weld them and level with the other support parallel to it when I hang the shelf on the wall. The Rod is a 1/4” thick so using magnets hasn’t worked well so I tend to just eyeball it but that doesn’t produce the best result. I’m curious how the professionals would build this? Any feed back is much appreciated .
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    A level, a square, a string line, a jig....lots of ways to keep things straight. I don’t care much for using magnets, I prefer using squares and clamps.


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      If you're going to build a bunch of these make yourself some jigs to hold the parts in alignment and as Ryan said, use/build clamps to hold things where you want them. Proper jigs can be spendy to build in $'s and /or time.


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        I'll guess the corners are bent, welded in a straight butt weld. It isn't what I do very often, but I did build a set of 1960 style kitchen chairs. Mine were a copy of an original.

        I built a jig, or more accurately two jigs. Lay it out on a flat surface with stops to support each end you need to join when welding.

        I'm guessing you also need a precise way to bend.
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          I would lay a piece of flat bar across where the shelves will lay, clamp your mounting tabs to the flat bar and weld them in place. If that is what you're asking.


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            Thanks everyone, I guess I’ll get to building a jig for it.
            there are no bends in it, I simply weld straight pieces together.