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Trying a different size wire

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  • Trying a different size wire

    Sometimes one gets past a guy, fixed something tyhe other day that has bneen giving me a fit for years, just never dedicated the effort at the right point to deal with it. Willie had the same kind of problem with one of his,,, my 255 red has never been impressive. Of course the guy gives me a 44# spool and 25 tips but one of the guys on a forum said his ran like crap till he put larger wire in it.
    I have the joint all designed and am getting to the end of the old roll and realize I was about out so I have the sec pic me a new spool and am actually psyched to try it. We have a couple larger joints to fill and the only time I really use this is when I want to be a speed demon anyway, should put down more for the same gas and labor

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    It used to be .035 hard wire lived in the machine nearly all the time. I don't often weld under 1/16" thick with it, it's when I weld very thin that I have tried .023. I've never been successful with that.
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      Click image for larger version  Name:	bench sp door.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.07 MB ID:	618200 I never really wanted to put small wire in a big machine and I have a small one anyway. I really dont fire my 250 up unless its a cost time/material deal and keep a 180 right on the bench for 95% of it. I use a few sticks. I had a 140 for a bit but it went away and am waiting on another for 023. Its something worth considering if you aint got it and really makes a difference on thin sheet, exhaust work. If its not critically thin like 180 with 030 Its a lot faster and eats 10 ga to maybe 3/16, super control for out of position, can really dial it in.
      I just keep 035 in 255 out of habit, I wanna see if its not so fussy and lets it use some more power without the arc turning to crap. I know they will run 030 but that seemed kind of counter productive unless a guy had to. if the machine had the power.
      A guy can find 140 used, a cousin got a steal with bottle and I think its worth the extra equipment noty to have to change wire even on occasion if you are busy and it aint a hobby.
      That little one lives at the vise bench ready for pit stops. Little bit of cord travels the area for service and I have an outlet on the hoist for it.
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        Seems like a better unit with the bigger wire, lets it turn up without the arc totally turning to snot. We will see, yyhing thing has its own personality and rarely rubs right till the wire is about 1/2 thru the spool. I am going to shorten the tips though and get it back in the cup a little. Its a little faster with the 045.


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          I run . 035 L 90 and 70s6 in mine, the thing that really turned it into a sweet machine was I trimmed the nozzle so the tip was only in about 1/8” , not as deep as the factory setup on my 255


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            I wondered how many guys had these and how they worked. I never saw a cheering section for them and figured there might be some secrets. The new tips are wayyy out, too far and lose gas. At the time I bought it the dealer was 1 line and I had suck good experience with half a dozen other machines I had rhat I figured this would be similar. Now days shopping is so different the LWS even has a 400$ multi import on the floor and sells red blue and yellow, maybe even thermal, dont recall. Today would buy from them with the condition I get a little field test.