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Help Millermatic 210 (Poor weld, hot ground)

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  • Help Millermatic 210 (Poor weld, hot ground)

    I own a Millermatic 210. Purchased it new years ago. I am a part time welder so it not used everyday. The welder has worked great for years. Recently the ground clamp has been getting really hot to the point of light smoke at times. I cleaned the wire up and redid the connection. I still getting very hot. Alone with this the weld quality has gotten really bad. Lots of splatter and erratic welding. Also at time I get a small shock from it when welding, this has not happened before the new issues appeared. I have a newer Miller and tried it on same material and it works beautifully and ground does not get hot. Also I weld some aluminum and it appears to be working correctly on aluminum. Does this help out in trouble shooting the problem some?

    I am usually welding on 3 for amps and about 40 wire speed. Ground clamp and wire are factory.

    I am really disappointed at this time and would love any help in identifying the issues with my machine.

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    I'd start with replacing the ground clamp. It should not get hot at all.


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      Thanks I will do that tomorrow.


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        If the work clamp looks fine, and the connection to the wire is sound it may not be the clamp. The wire could have broken down somewhere between the machine and the clamp. With that said, most manufacturers use cheap work clamps to save a few bucks. Harbor Freight has a really nice brass clamp that's about $15 and is every bit as good as those with brand names on them. Wire breaks down over gets repeatedly flexed, stepped on, etc and sooner or later it's going to fail and start causing problems.


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          Wire speed IS the amps. But, as said above cut a little wire off, they get worn kinked, fix or replace clamp.


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            Are you clamping to bare metal, paint ground off to shiny metal? I have had this problem.. Just giving a possibility.
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              The voltage loss in the bad ground clamp is causing both issues or heating up the ground clamp and the poor welding arc. The loss of voltage in the poor work ground is less arc voltage which will usually leads to a cold, ropey weld bead and can lead to a lot of spatter. Check the weld cable as well that is it the proper size for its length and amount of amperage passing through it.


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                Thanks for all the help on this issue. I looked closer into the wire and it was blackish in color and tarnished some what for the first 18" from the work clamp end. Alone with the work clamp was in bad shape. So I replaced the clamp with a brass one as suggested and replaced the wire and wire end eyelet. And as you guys said problem went away. I welded with it this afternoon and it preformed as if was a week old. LOL thanks for the help!!!!!