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Shortening an XR alumapro gun ???

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  • Shortening an XR alumapro gun ???

    Well like the title says does anyone know if you can shorten an XR alumapro push pull gun? I've got a 25 ft gun on my 350 p that's just to long .I always have to try and lay out the lead in a big arc when feeding 035 4043 to avoid having problems. 15 ft would be much better .was wondering if maybe I could get wire cables etc I need from one of the 15 foot guns then just coil up the others in case I ever move to a bigger space I could put the 25 ft stuff back. if that's not possible I'd still be fine just shortening to 15 anyone ever do this or know if it's doable ??? Thanks for any help

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    Trade with someone who has a 15ft gun and needs more reach. Might be able to find someone on here if you post a thread with a title asking about that...


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      I’ve never shortened that gun, but I’ve shortened other guns without any trouble. You can probably buy just the lead, maybe even a shorter one, and keep the nice one for later.


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        I had a couple of XR AlumaPro guns a while back....two 25s and one 15. As I recall I looked into whether it was possible to replace the lines/hoses/etc on the 15 to make it a 25, and I'm pretty sure it was, so the reverse would also be true. With that said, I think it would have been too expensive to be worthwhile. I looked into it when I was trying to decide which one to keep...I kept one of the 25s since I figured it was more likely I'd want the longer setup at some point.

        I think you're better off swapping someone who has a 15 and wants a 25 if you can find them.