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Syncrowave 250dx no pedal amperage control

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  • Syncrowave 250dx no pedal amperage control

    I have a syncrowave 250dx (LE225112) that I recently acquired as is/for parts. I was told that it lost HF and wouldn't start an arc on AC tig. I have proven that wrong, as the pedal will trigger the contactor and in hf start or continuous, i get a good blueish crackle at the points. It seems to have lost amperage control through the pedal. The pedal will trigger the contactor but amperage stays at minimum(not enough to start an arc). I checked voltage at the 14pin connector, and it seems I don't have the 10vdc output coming from the board. I verified continuity from the connector, to the board as well. At this point I'm leaning towards the board having a defective component and isn't outputting the 10vdc to the remote pedal. (The machine will weld stick fine with amperage control selected to panel and DC tig with panel amp control on and set to lift arc.) I am looking for confirmation that my assumption of a bad board is correct before I send it off to be repaired. Are there any other things I'm missing? I don't have the tech manual, so I am only going off the internal wiring diagram and the owners manual.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Levi, PM sent. It's worth checking continuity from the board to the Remote Receptacle. You can pull PG6 from RC6 and check voltage across pins 3 and 4 at the connector. If that's still 0V, the schematics on TM pages 78-79 (pdf page 84-85) show the components you can check and/or take it in.

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      Well, board is packaged up and shipping out for repairs tomorrow. Hopefully this will resolve my issue.


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        I just repaired a 250DX with the same issue i keep a good test board it is better then doing all the tests. No remote bad board.


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          I was contacted and informed that resistor R65 failed and was the culprit of no 10vdc output.