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XMT 350 Arcreach No ouput, No Codes

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    I compared the values between all 8 of the Schottky diodes, they were all similar (.2) except for D50 by T4. I checked between PC9 pin 4 and both ends of D50 & D55 ( circuit next door) D50 reads (.002) and D55 reads (.2). It looks like D50 might have kicked the bucket, possibly in addition to U13 and Q7.


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      Somewhere between one of those three and all of those three. You could check the diode and MOSFET first to maybe spare the pain of removing U13. I would probably just replace them all.

      It's worth checking the circuit after you pull the components to see if something else is in parallel and causing the issue.


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        I found D51 back by U6, I didn't see D53.


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          That's about where the diode used to be too... It sounds like you have a good way forward. I'll see how long it takes to draw out the System, PC1, and PC2 schematics. The XMT350 I am troubleshooting has a lot of issues, and I was just at running down issues on the (other) 15V circuit for the PFC and auxiliary inverter when I packed up for New Mexico. Here's how much easier it is to track down board level problems with my Thermal Camera. It's either the component that's faulty and/or something downstream of it. Something was drawing a bit of juice from the resistor on the left, and the two other components are precision voltage references. I am powering this from a current limited power supply, so there is very little amperage going through that circuit (but it's still easy to identify the trouble spots) and it was loading the circuit down to about 8V.

          Click image for larger version

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            Hi Jon,
            I just replaced U13, Q7, D50 & D52. I checked all of the diodes on the PC2 interconnect board, nothing out of place, so I put the power to it. It's back to working again. I suspected a low level component had died given the fact that it went from working to dead instantly, and didn't throw any codes. Hopefully this is a permanent fix, if not I have spare components now and will dig deeper to see the cause if it occurs again. I can't thank you enough for your help in resurrecting it!


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              Glad to hear it!