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a frames in back of 1 ton trucks

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  • a frames in back of 1 ton trucks

    Anyone have pictures and information on where and how to properly mount an A frame on a one ton flat bed?

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    Jim, are you looking to mount the two A's along the frame rails, or across the frame rails? What are you starting with?

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      John I haven't a clue how they are attached to beds, I know it matters how close to the end of the bed they are mounted. I just used the A frame to get a conversation going.

      A truck with an A frame is something I have always wanted since my material swamping days in construction. I'm after my SIL to get rid of his old dodges bed so we can turn it into a flat bed with an A frame for bringing steel home from the steel house.

      I told him I wanted to put new springs and shocks on the front to carry a snow plow, and do airbags in the back and run dullies. I think it would be a cool project, it's transmission was rebuilt not that long ago .
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        Just get a flatbed trailer.


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          Originally posted by ShieldArc View Post
          Just get a flatbed trailer.
          I have a trailer, but I want a dump bed truck for when taking our bags of democrat to the county dump.