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mig dip transfer welding or short circuit welding

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  • mig dip transfer welding or short circuit welding

    I am an authorized miller service agent. Today a customer of mine brought in 2 welders: a mm252 and a deltaweld 302 with feeder. They are saying that the welder works fine in spray mode but doesn't work in short circuit mode. I have checked the Operational manuals and service manuals of these 2 units and cannot find any thing in there to change the welding characteristics other than voltage and wire speed. According to a technical manual I have you must be able to control the reactance to do this. Any thoughts? The customer is getting spatter and doesn't like it. I guess they are turning the voltage down to try to get into short circuit welding.

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    What shielding gases and wire sizes are they using? Are they trying to do both processes with the same gas and same wire size?


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      That looks like a shielding gas problem to me, but I'm not an expert.

      Short-circuit always splatters, at least in my experience...


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        Might check and clean the holes in the mig guns gas diffuser.


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          Looks cold too. What settings for those welds?