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Miller Bobcat 225 question

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  • Miller Bobcat 225 question

    I have a Miller Bobcat 225 machine that I bought new in 2011 that has very low hours on it. I went out to the shop the other day to doublecheck the hours on the machine and I turned the power switch on to read the hour meter. When done, I forgot to turn the switch off. I discovered this goof the next day so it was probably on for about 12 hrs. Did I screw anything up?? I have a battery charger maintainer on the machine so I doubt it drained the battery down. Anyone ever done this before? In my mind I don't think it harmed anything. Am going to start it and run it later on this week. to see if it runs ok.

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    Check and see if it will weld.
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      Probably like leaving the ignition in your car on, just sat there waiting for someone to push the start button.


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        Just charge or repalce the battery. Don't jump it. You should be ok


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          Yes it will weld but not feed wire. I talked to Miller Technical support and they said the board needs to be replaced...ordered a replacement board from Miller Service Parts for $700 which was bad I just received an email saying they are backordered and dont know when they'll have any..

          Would anyone know which relay/component on the board supplies voltage to the drive motor? Maybe I'll take a shot at trying to replace it.....

          Thanks for the responses


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            I think you replied to the wrong thread?