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1960's AEAD 200L Manual

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  • 1960's AEAD 200L Manual

    Hi I have a 60's miller AEAD 200L AC/DC that I cannot find a manual for it. It was next to a hot fire causing the carb to burn from the inside. I found a different Onan Miller welder that was in a fire and had the front burnt off. The bottom pan got hot enough to burn the shielding off the small wires and I believe a thermal shut off switch mounted to the bottom pan and the plastic on the ac 110v power output or welding selection knife switch it holds the 3 knives blades together and probably was to provide insulation for the operator using it. Are these items available for a reasonable price? The coating on the cable for course amp setting cable pin has melted but that is a easy fix, a couple of the 4 output welding power connectors has seen better days so I will probably need to up grade to a more modern connector and cable ends, everything else looks okay just some clean up of the brush contacted services. Miller doesn't have the manuals available for this old of machine and I want to get functioning again so any help would be appreciated.
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    Just a suggestion, If you are not helped here, you might enhance your odds of finding what you need by leaving your message on other welding websites, farm equipment, off road, jeep, truck and heavy equipment websites also. Good luck


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      The manual should be available under the SUPPORT link at the top of this page. You will need your serial number. Use the box on the lower right to search by product name, then choose the manual for your serial number.


      • #4 looks like the oldest aead-200l manual they have. If it's newer than yours, it might still be close.

        Connectors and such are fairly generic, and either exact replacements or ones that could be made to work will be available, however parts for the custom switch are exceptionally unlikely to be findable. You might have to do some custom parts if you can't find a parts machine. Post a picture (a clear, in-focus picture, taken with a camera, not a cellphone, at full resolution) of the damaged parts if you want advice on whether it's fixable or not.


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          I’ve got a 1958 Aea manual. Call Miller they’ll look it up and email you a pdf.


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            Thank you I will contact Miller for a correct manual. I have looked through the 1973 manual realized most of what burnt of is for the 12V charging system which I will probably upgrade most to a more modern components. The cable sockets I am going to use Dinse 50 panel to cable connections I will save. the originals but to get cable ends for though large connection holes. Serial number R386035 and my request is in for a manual is in the works.

            Thank you guys for the 411
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              Well I received a pdf manual and found out it is a 1966 AEAD 200LE ( my mistake of looking at the donor machine face plate) it took a couple days and a couple people to find the closest match.
              The manual was for a different set-up for outputs but they told me in those years they were quite bespoke machines, the one I have has the range setting cable comes out of the side of the welder manual show from the front, mine has 4 large output sockets on the lower 1/3 of the face 2 on each side one high one low the manual looks like the donor machine with the outputs marked just below the range sockets all for standard small pin connectors.
              I did find one machine had the generator to engine flywheels connects with UNC bolts and the other UNF bolts all original with what was left of blue paint. I would have thought by 1966 things would have been standardized.
              I am so impressed by Miller welders my tigercat 225G ( orange painted bobcat 225g) has a 100% duty cycle and so does the 1966 legends and the 200 is the DC amperage and AC is 250amp. I now understand my professional welder son's love for these machines. Even the low duty cycle Thunderbolt 225/150 is a so much better designed with better material than the Lincoln tome stone welder with the same 20% duty cycle
              I previously had a 1970 Lincoln SA225 gas DC welder it duty cycle cranked up was only 60% same Onan CCK but with the stupid vertical pot spark arrestors ( I wouldn't call them mufflers) but at least back 2pound coffee cans were tin so I had rain covers.
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