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Experience working on thermal dynamics, thermal arc, victor machines?

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  • Experience working on thermal dynamics, thermal arc, victor machines?

    I've spent some years learning about and repairing these machines, most of which are now discontinued or rebranded since ESAB's consolidation. There where some seriously high performing welders in this lineup if you never got a chance to try one out, im sorry.

    Since there is no online community that I can find, it always feels like I am the only one in the world whos messed with this stuff. I'm curious is if there is anyone on this forum who also has experience with this lineup. It could be fun to chat about it sometime.

    I'm not looking for technical support or help with a repair or anything like that, just curious if I am the only one around.

    BTW, i'm going to take the opportunity to shill my business here if you dont mind. Here is what I do.

    I will repair any of the following models of thermal dynamics or victor cutmaster for $800 plus shipping. Models serviced are Cutmasters 52, 82, 102, 152, A40, A80 and A120. Flat rate no matter what is wrong with it as long as it is in one piece with all of the parts not crushed and has not been in a fire.. I will also purchase any of the above listed models for $400 (ill cover shipping) no matter what is wrong with it (as long as its nott crushed or has not been in a fire). No lead time turnaround time is between 1 and 3 weeks for repairs depending on how busy I am. Purchases will get money in your hand within 48 hours of talking to me.

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    We see them come through our repair center here in Milwaukee often and i am also a warranty repair Tec for Esab.


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        Ok....I’m what?


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          Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
          Ok....I’m what?
          hold your breath
          West coast of Florida


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            How do you keep a dimwit in suspense?


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              **** it.


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                I said d-a-m it


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                  I have worked on around a dozen of the Thermal Arcs, from the older larger beasts like the 250GTSW, to the later model 400 series (mostly GMS), and one 300 TSW. One required front board troubleshooting (PITA with SMD components and NO SCHEMATIC) and another had a bus capacitor blow (major board repair too), but otherwise it was a connector or operator error...

                  Which ones do you have?


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