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Millermatic Autoset 190/211 parts interchangeability??

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  • Millermatic Autoset 190/211 parts interchangeability??

    My nine-year-old Millermatic autoset 190 fried the motherboard I upgraded to a Millermatic 211 the new unit comes with the MDX 100 gun. Is the old M 100 a direct replacement can I use my old one seeing I have all the consumables all ready for it and what other parts are interchangeable as far as the internal guts i e wire feed and such is it worth keeping it's a very clean old unit very low hours?

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    211 new inverter model vs 211 transformer ( older) model none of the consumables are the same...........and I would say that goes for all older Miller models, Go on Millers Site they explain the difference.


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      You can use the old gun on the new machine...both have a standard Miller back end.


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        I assumed the big handle would be fit the same because my old unit had so little use I am saving the new regulator and ground clamp Etc but it also looks like the wire Drive Unit would be the same so hanging on to everything even if it sits in a box on the shelf for 20 years


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          No experience with the 190 autoset, but I've had BOTH versions of the MM211, still have the inverter one (quite a bit more portable than my MM252 :=)

          The inverter MM211 has a heavier duty drive unit than the transformer 211 did, one of the reasons I upgraded.

          I was told by Miller that the warranty for the transformer version would be VOIDED if I put a 15' gun on it, but the inverter version is OK with a 15' gun.

          Of course, you can't BUY the MM211 with a 15' gun, you have to take the (useless to me) 10' gun then pay for a 15' gun separately... Steve


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            I agree, a 10’ gun is terrible. I have a 10-footer I cut down to push aluminum wire through and it works just fine, except you have to move the entire machine every time you move to the next weld just about. It makes me want to go chew on some tin foil.