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    I haven't posted for a long, long time but I have found a used 130xp at a sale. I thought about adding it to the shop so I don't have to change wire and liner on my 210. My questions, are parts still available and what would it be worth without testing? Farm sales around here are crazy so it maybe a mute issue.

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    I have a Miller 172 and it has been a good welder, although I don't weld much and am not an expert. I would check and see what the current price is of a Hobart (Hobart 140 at Tractor Supply $580) and compare to the Miller 130 before I made a decision.
    Miller Challenger 172
    Hobart AC/DC Stickmate
    Older Sears AC Stick machine


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      Pitalplace, check out Cruizer's thread the fourth thread down. If it doesn't run, it could be just a blown 5 amp fuse.

      Can you take a spool of wire and have access to 120 volt emergency battery you can take with you to see if the wire drive rolls turn, the guns switch is working, and the wire feed speed control switch and the Volt switch are working, also what is the condition of the ground clamp?

      If it's been taken care of and the price reflects its age, parts availability and possible repair costs, I would consider buying it, especially if it tested out OK with the 120 volt emergency battery.. %22130xp%22%7D
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        Most parts are still available including PCB1


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          Thanks everyone. I will post the price it sells for. Here is a picture on the sale bill.
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            Looks like a worthy look, I like the cabinet's louvers and the piano hinge. they can't build them as nice as they did back in the day.

            Is that aluminum C clamp the machines ground clamp? That should be replaced, and the gun's liner covering looks a bit ragged from here, I'm thinking a new replacement gun costs around $100 on Amazon.
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              If you have a extra regulator or flowmeter, I think this this would be a safe way to go.

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                Check this deal from TSC,


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                  It had it's original ground clamp. The aluminum clamp wasn't with the welder. The welder was in pretty sad shape. The auctioneer said that they tested it, but the wire had not been advanced from the last time it was used which appeared to be many years. Not cut off or sticking out of the end. It was full of dirt and was missing the spools for different size wires. If it worked it was a bargain at $250. I bid to $200.


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                    Pitalplace, it's one of those you puts down your money and takes your chances kind of things, I wish you the best.