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weld shrinkage and fixtures

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  • weld shrinkage and fixtures

    okay I'm not a welder and I don't pretend to be, but I do make fixtures and was a break mechanic/fabricator for 30+yrs my question is I seen our welder using a weld fixture with the weld shrinkage built in basic three pc hat section two sides and hat base, who ever made it before me had put location pins for the holes again with .005 each side, well the welder is pinning it and welding complete, now my question is would you weld it complete or partial and remove from fixture and complete welding ? I'm guessing remove only because the pins aren't letting the part shrink to the desired dimension thus distorting the holes, please help, welder not very responsive when a program engineer tries to suggest something...smh I've seen welders tack and peen to get desired dimension and finish welding, kind of what I wanted him to do Thanks in advance

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    Is the part coming out to acceptable tolerances when he does it? If so leave him alone. If not then obviously something needs to be tweeked. All designs require some different thinking as to how it will distort. Sometimes in a production environment it pays do do several pcs differently to see which way works best. It is difficult to hold tight tolerances when the pc has a lot of welding. Can't give you a yes/no answer, don't even have a picture to go by.
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      the holes are distorting, and having to use a die set to punch the holes to proper size, in all honesty these holes should be done after welding, the top brass made that happen, but when I add for shrinkage I'd just assume clamp it and not pin, I'm not stepping on anyone's toes, I'd just want him to try it the way I'd seen previous parts ran, Thanks MMW


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        Not to be wise guy, but I never built anything that needed to be built that accurately, is this for building turbine engine parts?


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          Department of Defense they over tolerance everything, even obround holes, no jk


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            Originally posted by fake it till you make it View Post
            Department of Defense they over tolerance everything, even obround holes, no jk
            Look on the bright side, your job isn't being done by a Chinese peasant or prisoner.