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Not sure if i have a problem or just normal for my welder to stop feeding wire.

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  • Not sure if i have a problem or just normal for my welder to stop feeding wire.

    So i believe i just over worked it yesterday, But I've never run into this problem before, so wanted to ask and see if i should be concerned.
    I have the Multimatic 200, lately i have been using it with flux core so i can move around more freely and working outside, easier to get a good weld without wind blowing my gas. So i was working on some 1/4" angle and doing small maybe 1.5" long welds on the corners to finish up a trailer ramp.
    For convenience i have it setup working on 110v, and yesterday i was able to spot weld the whole frame to square. Then started on the full beads for all corners, i was able to complete 3 of the 4 corners before the gun stopped feeding, i thought maybe it ran out of wire, i opened it up and it was still a 50% to 75% roll left. Machine was still on, fan running, no errors on the screen, but nothing in terms of response from the gun. I have about 2" or 3" left to weld on the main frame and then still need to install the middle supports and grate. Since it was already getting let, i figured i would let it cool down overnight and try again this afternoon, BUT before i get after it, just want to see if i should be concerned? Is there anything i can check before turning it back on?

    Side note, since I'm welding 1/4" with the machine set on Flux Core, the highest setting it went was 3/16", so i maxed it out on both the nobs. I'm sure that i may have exceeded the duty cycle, but it wasn't like i was doing long continuous welds, each weld was about 1.5" in length and a few seconds break between each weld and even longer between corners since i was moving the frame around to reach the gun.

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    I just recently had the same thing happen on a Lincoln 210MP. I freaked cause it is out of warranty. On mine it turns out the switch to change to spool gun is right behind the adjuster for the tension on the feed rolls. With gloves on you can nudge the switch. I think in my case it went part way and eventually flipped into spool gun . Fortunately the switch was mentioned in the troubleshooting. Hope yours is not more serious.



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      Well i hope its not serious either so i can finish this job. But i dont think this one has that switch you are referring to and the case was closed for the last 2 weeks so nothing should have flipped or switched inside, but im willing to check and see what may be inside.


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        Most likely is the wire is stuck to the contact tip. Flip the rollers open and trigger it to see if the feeder wheel operates. Then look at the portion of wire that is between the wheels to see if it has a skid mark on it. If so, put in a new contact tip and feed enough wire out to get rid of the worn section.

        Turning up both dials all the way is a terrible method for determining how to set of the machine. If you want to go all out, set it at the highest tap and then increase the speed as needed until it welds right.


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          So two things i noticed..
          #1 as soon as i was ready to weld last night, everything worked so my issue from the day before may have just been overheating with the duty cycle.

          #2 last night when i was almost done, i did experience the stuck contact tip issue, but what was weird is that machine made no noise like it was trying to feed like it has done in the past, the screen would change to 0 amps when i would pull the trigger. As a precaution, i went ahead let it sit for a bit, took apart the tip and removed the contact(which slipped right off), after a minute or so, i pulled the trigger and it spooled out some wire, cut it back, reinstalled the contact and tip and continued on without any more issues..

          So being that im experiencing more little issues like this, what can i do as your typical maintenance on the machine to make sure everything is in top working order? ( ill post this as a new question, but figured id start it here since it kinda goes with the issues im having )


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            Most flux core calls for knurled rollers, not smooth so you can set the tension slightly less to not crush the wire, especially if one roller is flat. Blow out the liner and see if you can push the wire through by hand. You can use a torch tip cleaner to clean up mig tips.
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              Ill have to check the rollers, im not sure i ever changed it or even noticed if it was smooth or knurled. thanks,
              I wonder if that's why it feels like the wire is jerking/stuttering out of the gun

              Does the nozzle matter for running flux core wire? im asking cause i misplaced the nozzles that i had bought years ago and have been using the same nozzle and tip that i normally use when running gas. Tend to get alot of build up on the end of the gun with all the splatter from the weld.