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255 multi and 90/10 gas

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  • 255 multi and 90/10 gas

    I was having problems with my old dependable Miller 250 after a million miles of wire or so decided to let it go to welder heaven and bought a new, shiny, good smelling Miller 255 Multi Process. Will be delivered tomorrow (yay). My question is about the gas they reccomend - 90/10. Checked w/ local distributors (Airgas, Pacific, and Praxair). None of them keep bottles of it in their racks! OK guys - is 75/25 still working with your 255's?

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    They specify 90/10 so that you can use the pulse settings which are spray transfer, which you can't do with 75/25. You can still use 75/25 for short-circuit MIG.


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      Our LWS only has 90/10 in 300 size bottles. I've used 80/20 for spray quite a bit. It should work on your multi with perhaps some arc length adjustments.

      75/25 works fine for short circuit and I believe there are settings for it inside the cover.
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