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Trailblazer 325 w/EFI

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  • Trailblazer 325 w/EFI

    Having some issues with my Trailblazer 325 w/EFI. It starts just fine and seems like its running ok, but as soon as I strike an arc and it puts a load on the machine it bogs way down and sort of chugs, never recovers until I shut it off and restart, but same issue again when I start to weld. Replaced sparkplugs, changed the oil, and a new fuel pump. I have a video if I can get it to load I'll post it as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Runs on idle and full speed before the welding load? What about a load on auxiliary power?

    A bent pushrod is one of many things that can cause this symptom. That's usually from low oil, but your machine, for all I know, might not use pushrods or be able to start with low oil.


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      This machine needs to be put on a computer with Kohler software. It will tell you exactly whats wrong, what you need replace, and reset the ECU.


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        Check for water in fuel before you get too far.


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          Welding machine is at the miller repair shop now. I should know what's going on in just a couple of days. Thanks everyone for the input, seems like I am going to need the little plug in device that will tell me the error code. Pain in the butt, but I still love that machine.


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            There is a reason I recommend putting the machine on the software.
            If your problem is an O2 sensor the ECU will try to correct the mixture. If you replace the O2 sensor the ECU will continue
            on it previous setting. Same with a weak electric fuel pump. ETC
            After repairs the ECU needs to be reset. Thanks,