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Miller Bobcat 225g cover?

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  • Miller Bobcat 225g cover?

    I currently have a small cheap tarp that I wrap my welder up with and I probably will stick with that. I am curious though, can you still get a Miller cover for a 1994 Bobcat 225g?

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    Cyberweld says this fits all Bobcat 225 prior to 2004.


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      Just an update....
      Moderators, please just delete the name of the company if I'm not allowed to do this.
      I found the cover mentioned above in this post at two different online locations. One was a little cheaper than the other. I sent both companies questions about the fitment of this cover for my 1994 machine. Only one cared enough to respond. They asked for the machine's SN# to enable them to confirm that the cover would fit. They contacted the manufacturer then they replied back to me letting me know it would fit. I purchased the cover from It is hard to find that kind of service these days and when I do I reward them by giving them my business. Thank you, Baker's Gas......


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        Ditto. I've had some great service from them.


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          I have a stack of old dollar store tablecloths the wife saved I throw over my machines in the shop, I'm probably wrong, but I've felt having air circulating around the machines is better for them.