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Millermatic 210 with Spoolmate 3035

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  • Millermatic 210 with Spoolmate 3035

    Okay so I have been reading (a lot) and researching before asking for help... I have a Millermatic 210 with a Spoolmate 3035 which I bought new, years ago. It didn’t get used for a while and when I tried to put it back into service I am having issues with the feed on it. Regardless which trigger is pulled it feed out of both the lead and the spool gun. Also when feeding time just run mig it has kind of a skip in the feed motor, in other words it has erratic feed. Almost as if skipping a tooth on a gear every round. At least it’s a consistent inconsistency. Lol. Any help? I have been very deep into this machine already to the point of checking diodes and contacts on the board, took the main relay apart and sanded down the contacts. I am going to order new contacts or a new relay if I can figure out what went on. No signs of shortages or bare wires or anything inside the machine or on the main board. Really appreciate all the info I have gathered already as well as any input anyone may have on this issue. I hate to retire the machine as it was low hours when pushed aside for other business ventures.

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    I can't help as far as the issue of both feeding at the same time, but I suspect anyone who can will want to know the serial number so they can look at the correct manual.

    As far as the feed inconsistency goes I would make sure that the spool isn't rubbing on anything while it turns. I've had one with a slight bulge that would rub the inside of the case and it felt like it was skipping. Similarly, I'd check the drive rolls to make sure the grooves are clean and that the alignment on the wire is correct....and obviously check the correct roll is used for your wire.


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      Serial number is LC152931. From what I can see there is nothing that is binding or rubbing. I will see if I can get a video and post it so that y’all can see what it is doing. It’s just weird. I’ve had a few people take a look at it - welder, not technicians, and they are saying I’ve dove deeper in it than what they ever would have. Lol


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        *update… So it seems the surging is a lot less when the wire speed is increased but still there, just at a minimal level. Still no idea why it would cross feed into the spool gun and vice versa…