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Miller Bobcat 225G Plus Idle Help

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  • Miller Bobcat 225G Plus Idle Help

    Need help with my Bobcat 225G Plus! It is currently running but the auto idle is not working even after replacing the solenoid. It runs somewhat smoothly at full throttle (may even be running to fast) but doesn't run smoothly at idle. I'm not even sure I have the throttle linkage on correctly. It does generate power/weld.

    Some background: I purchased this as a non running project with a lot of loose parts and after getting it home and looking into, discovered the flywheel magnets came off and punched a hole in the timing cover. We have since gotten it running and thanks to everyone's previous posts on the forum, fixed the issue of it generating power. Now to see if some of the experts here can help me get it running smoothly and the auto idle solenoid working.

    (Excuse my ignorance if i've posted this in the wrong place. If there is already a post covering this, i'd be glad if someone could share the link!)

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    Welcome, Austin. I'm not much of a Bobcat engine guy, but there people here who are. Perhaps first you might see if someone can take a picture of their throttle linkage to be sure you have it connected up correctly?
    I have a Trailblazer with an Onan engine, but that might not be the same.

    First thing to do is post your serial number--that is key to looked at the correct data.

    Have you checked for crud in the idle circuits of the carburetor?


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      Thanks, serial for the Welder is KF774888. The serial number for the engine is not legible but it is an Onan P216. Carb is next on my list to disassemble and make sure it's clean inside. The view in the top doesn't look too bad but may not be what meets the eye.

      A photo or two of the throttle linkage would be great! I know for a fact my coil isn't setting correctly the way it is propped in and cant get it to stand upright as the wires connecting to it are too short to allow it any other way. Something isn't correct there.

      I believe when I checked the solenoid, it is getting the correct voltage to the solenoid so that should be working but it doesn't seem to try and idle down even on the Rabbit/Turtle Mode.


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        Do you have the owner and service manuals for the engine? If not, go here and search for Onan P216. They have all the manuals for free.

        Also, if you don't already have it, you can find the manual for
        your welder via the SUPPORT link at the top of this page.


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          I have a 1994 model 225 G plus.........and yours looks to be 1995 .and what I've found out about the idling is make sure the linkage / spring is completely free with no binding anywhere from corrosion or wear.......That Idle to jack rabbit circuit is very touchy............tune up is important as well as fresh fuel and clean filters, I would also take a compression & leak down test as a leaking intake or exhaust valves can be an well as those motors need to be de-carboned after so may hours....that has to do with cleaning the combustion chamber and head after removal. Mine has over 3000 hours so they well last if taken care of...


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            Seems like there’s a idle screw on the back side of the carb you can take out to get water out.


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              Carburetors are available on Amazon for $47. It sat up for a long time and the jets are probably gummed up
              Just search for a carb for a P216 or 220. Easy fix


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                Thanks Guys! I started to rip apart the carb over the weekend, there is definitely come crud in there and probably needs some new gaskets. Maybe a new carb from Amazon would be an easier all around fix.

                Regarding the hookup of the throttle linkage/spring, where would I get instructions on how to connect that? Being that it wasn't connected when I got it, I don't have a baseline to use to reconnect and the manuals seem a little lacking of detail on this specifically.

                Thanks All!