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Error Codes for Miller MPi 180 at start up

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  • Error Codes for Miller MPi 180 at start up

    Hi guys,

    Can please anyone help me with the error codes on Miller MPi 180?

    I have bough it brand new and just did a couple of test welds with MIG and then the welder was plastic wrapped sitting in my garage in the toolbox.

    Now I decided to use it and see this error code every time I switch it on. The welder does not react or does anything at all.

    I have tried every thing, I changed the polarity of the leads and the polarity on the bus bar for the MIG gun, I switched to all possible modes but see the same this again.

    I have dropped an email to Miller through their contact from and send the link to the video but they simply ignored me (very disappointing, really).

    Can please anyone help me? Cheers

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    This machine is made by Miller Europe. You'll have to contact them. Miller USA doesn't have any schematic diagrams or parts support for this machine.