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    Hello. I'm looking at getting a spectrum used however the machine has the following problem site unseen and befire i commit i wanted to see what I'm up against?

    Miller spectrum2050 plasma it will arc but doesn't continue to cut. This the quote from the seller? any ideas?


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    Click image for larger version

Name:	plas lead holder.JPG
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ID:	615392 I gonna comment despite the fact I dont know anything even owning one. I learned the hard way more than once. If you are comfortable with the risk, and it's so cheap and. Insider it a hobby like the casino then it's for u especially if you are not able to test it works.
    this doesn't apply to experts that do this all the time and even then from reading g here we doing a lot of specialized speculation.
    I got another one in storage I need to re commit to digging in to. Way over my head, got to find a proprietary schematic and bring in help.
    if you got work to do buy new and get past it for a while.
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      It could be as simple as a bad connection to/from the torch, or as difficult as control board level troubleshooting. The board schematics are available in the technical manual, which is a huge help in troubleshooting. But you're at odds with 800+ volts under the cover, and a few analog circuits to analyze if it's not a connector issue. You could do it without an oscilloscope, but would need a good multimeter (safe to 1000V) and some experience troubleshooting components on mains voltage.

      Hope this helps,


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        As you are aware, the problem could be one of many different components. By the description, it sounds to me like the system will produce a pilot arc but then times out and does not actually cut. There is a current sensor that detects when the pilot arc is close to the work pieces and starts cutting when this proximity is detected. The problem could be a bad current sensor or a bad control board.