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Suitcase or Mig for trailblazer airpak?

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  • Suitcase or Mig for trailblazer airpak?

    We need to replace our beat up hobart 140 mig. I have a Bobcat 225g plus, and a 302 Airpak. What is better a suitcase? or buy a miller mig to run off the gen? We do mainly light repair and fabrication with it. Thanks Tony MRS

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    Depends on what you want to haul around versus capability to run without the engine-drive.


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      Mac is like a value added salesman but you have to answer about 1/2 a dozen questions to get the right machine for you. As vast as welding is, some new technology it can pay to lay off as much as possible to line power. Some you cant, some the extra for effeciency not worth it, a lot of factors that are just guesses except for engine drive and wanting or needing to run wire.
      Its rare I take a feeder anywhere but I did for one job was foil thin, absolutely terrible. Had 120v there and I often include a cord due to the fact its often a good way around wiring and get to a good or closer circuit.


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        Well the 225G well get ya all the arc welding ya need done from 1/2" multi-pass down to sheet metal burning 1/16" rod........I have a Miller 211 and a LIncoln LN-25 Pro 25v suitcase .........and both can be ran via the 225G and I have had them both out there......but honestly In the field.......the arc welder seems to be the choice for most work the shop it's MIG or TIG...


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          If I can do utility work in the field with stick I do. But I do understand the ease light sheet is with wire.