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trailblazer 302 diesel no output

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  • trailblazer 302 diesel no output

    I recently bought a Miller Trailblazer 302 Diesel welder ( SN MB020166M) at a auction, when I got it home I found out that it runs great but has no out put. from reading other post it seems likely that one or both of the PC boards is the cause. I have found a couple of places that say that they can repair the power board( 225329A) and possibly the controller board (240603B). I also found a new 240605 controller board but do not know if it will work on my machine.
    Any thoughts on what the best course of action would be?

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    How far backwards did you check for voltage ?
    Got to check all the way back to the gen end. Could be a connection, breaker , fuse or anything stopping power.
    If the engine runs trouble shoot your gen end before you start throwing money at it.


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      no output? Weld output and/or Aux power... Do you have either?.


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        No weld output, no aux pwr output . The display seems to read hours run and oil change when not running but doesn't respond when running ,will look into it as I get time


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          well I got back to it the other day and it turns out that the brush on the ring closest to the engine was just about gone, I got a new one on E bay and installed it and it looks like every thing is now working. Thanks for the help.


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            Good catch. The easier the better.