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Looking for mig and spool gun

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  • Looking for mig and spool gun

    Hey everybody, looking at getting a very tired millermatic 251 and the gun on it is melted and very worn out. Anyone have a gun they’d be willing to sell? I looked around but can’t see myself spending 500 dollars on one. Looking for a regular mig gun a tweco would be nice and a spool gun so I can learn aluminium. The closer to Victoria British Columbia the better.

    thanks In advance

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    I've put about a dozen of these guns on machines I've bought/sold and they're pretty darned nice...even compared to new Tweco and Bernard guns. They use M25 consumables which are easy to get, and cheap. The only thing is they use an HTP style liner rather than Miller, but that's not really a challenge. I'm not sure about Amazon in Canada, but I'd be surprised if that's not an option. For $90 these are hard to beat.


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      Looks like a fine replacement gun. Otherwise, I have bought a bunch on ebay, Bernard or Tweco usually under a hundred, brand new.


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        I bought this gun for my ln25. I like it so far. You can get way cheaper than that as well... I think I paid like 170.00 on ebay or something like that
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